Gitxsan Child and Family Services


Our Vision


To provide culturally-sensitive support, prevention and protection services to Gitxsan children and their families by attaining the necessary level of knowledge, capacity and delegation to ensure success.


By embracing and strengthening our Gitxsan Ayookw, we will ensure the health, safety and well-being of our majagalee (children) and Wil naa tahl (our families).


  • Gitxsan children are precious and deserve to be protected; they are the future of the Gitxsan Nation
  • The Gitxsan ayookw carries timeless values and wisdom, which will guide service delivery and program development
  • The Gitxsan family provides natural protection for children
  • We will respect ourselves, each other and all that walk through our doors
  • We will work cooperatively and collabratively as a team
  • We will embrace equality recognizing that together we are stronger
  • We will be accountable for our actions
  • We will work in an environment that benefits from the postive energy created by humour
  • We will operate with a high level of commitment