Gitxsan Child and Family Services



Adella Saul
Generalist Social Worker

Adella completed her Bachelor of Social Work degree at the University of Northern British Columbia in 1997 and has been with GCFSS since April 2017.  Originally from the Xaxli'p Band of the St'at'imc Nation in Lillooet, BC, Adella married into the Gitxsan Nation in 1970, was adopted as Ganeda by Yak Yak, and now has one great grandchild and seven grandchildren from her three children.  Adella recently returned to her adopted home village of Gitwangak and subsequently decided to bring her education and expertise to the GCFSS team as a Social Worker, after a number of years in the social services field working in Kamloops, Lytton, Lower Nicola, and Bridge River Band.

Alysha Stewart
Communications Officer

My name is Aluuksa’ux which means Seen Going Out, I was born into Wilps Gwiiyeehl gant Xantxw, my Mothers name is Niyees Haluubist. I recently moved back to Anspayaxw in August 2019 after living in Prince George, BC for 3 years working with the Downtown Prince George Area,  I was originally hired as Kispiox Youth Empowerment Navigator and I recently moved into the Administrations/Communications Department, I am so glad to be home and working for our nation with Gitxsan Child & Family Services Society (GCFSS) I look forward to what the future has in store for myself and GCFSS.

Andrew Tom
Associate Director

Andrew joined the Gitxsan Child & Family Services team in February 2018, he is the eldest of three and son to Marlene and Richard Tom.  As an active Kweese House Member of the Wet'suwet'en Nation, he wears many leadership hats and brings with him over 15 years of Administration, Human and Social Service experience, having worked for his home community of Witset (Moircetown) in a number of capacities including Communications Coordinator and Assistant Band Manager, before venturing into the justice field with the Wet'suwet'en Unlocking Aboriginal Justice Program as a Youth & Victim Justice Worker, the health sector as a Community Wellness Coordinator, the Economic Development Department as the General Manager of Moricetown Gas Bar & Convenience Store and now, child welfare.  Andrew believes in putting people first, his Choices Contract is, "I am an Inspirational Leader who acknowledges and accepts all people by encouraging them to appreciate their unique differences."

Ang Smith
Wellness Counsellor








April Nole
Youth Empowerment Navigator - Gitanyow

My name is April Nole, Daughter to Simogyet Alaiist, Linda Williams.  I am from the reserve of Gitwangak BC, My Wilp is Haakwx.  My Gitxsan Name is Kalii Win Yaa, “Walk along up the river”.  I am a newlywed, May 2019.  I have two beautiful children, son and daughter; son is 21yrs old and my daughter is 13yrs old & Step mom to five children.  Before venturing in with our great company and agency I am employed with, Gitxsan Child and Family Services Society of November 2019.  I have worked 20 plus years in the Early Childhood Education Field, I hold a certification of Early Childhood Education license and all increments of ECE expectations.  My joys and passion are working with children and youth and building communicating relationships with their families. Amiiyaa-thank you.

Arlene Morrison
Social Work Team Assistant

Austin Baker
Program Assistant - Operations

Austin Baker moved from his hometown of Prince George to the Hazeltons in August 2019, He currently lives in Kispiox. He was hired by GCFSS in August 2019 as well initially as a program assistant/shuttle driver and has since proved himself in operations and administration and is currently an assistant in operations. Austin was recently adopted into the Lax’seel clan in the house of Ma’us by his father in law Amgyatgawa. His Gitxsan name is Gu’haniisxw which means he listens well.


Cheryl Stevens
Family Wellness Worker






Cheryl Williams
Executive Director

Cheryl Williams has been the Executive Director of Gitxsan Child & Family Services Society since 2013. Her parents were David and Rita Williams and was raised by the House of Gweeyhl and Niist, but come from the House of Luus. In addition to lifelong learning as a Gitxsan woman, she pursued her formal post-secondary education at the University of Victoria (UVic). It is at UVic where her passion for child welfare lead her to achieve both Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees.  Prior to being the Executive Director Cheryl worked for the agency as a Social Worker, in addition to working many years in the social services field for other organizations that served the Gitxsan Nation. 

Chris Howard
Youth Empowerment Navigator - Glen Vowell






Clarence Jones
Family Wellness Worker






Corinne Littlewood
Generalist Social Worker






Cynthia Stevens






Dennette Green
Family Wellness Worker






Gail Shaw
Director of Operations






Greg Wright
Cultural Enrichment Worker






Gwen Simms
Youth Empowerment Navigator - Kispiox

Jillane Spence
Social Work Team Assistant

Jillane Spence joined Gitxsan Child and Family Services Society as the Receptionist/Finance Assistant in October 2016.  Originally from Lax Kw'alaams, relocated to Sik-e-dakh where she has been blessed with two sons (Alden and William Sampson) and was adopted into the House of Aap.  Having worked for different local organizations, Jillane decided to pursue greater education and recently completed her Nicola Valley Institute of Technology credentialed Diploma in Business Administration through the Gitxsan Wetsuweten Education Society. 


John Simms
Maintenance Worker

Jordyn McRae

Jordyn McRae was born and raised in Chilliwack BC, her clan is Gisga’ast (grouse) and belongs to Wilp Sgoogamlaxh’a. Her mother’s name is Andrea, and her grandparents are Rita & Keith McRae from Gitsegukla & Gitanmaax BC. After attending school in Chilliwack, graduating from Gitxsan Wet’suwet’en Education Society a year in advanced with her Adult Dogwood Diploma, and working for a couple years in the lower mainland, she’s extremely excited & honored to be back in our community working as the receptionist with the Gitxsan Child & Family Services Society (GCFSS) team.

Kim Eisan
Social Work Team Assistant






Latishia Blackwater-Russell
Program Assistant - Prevention

Latishia Blackwater-Russell is from Gitsegukla, her clan is Gisga’ast (grouse) and belongs to Wilp Sgoogamlaxh’a. She is mother to three beautiful children, two daughters and one son. Latishia is currently our Social Work Team Assistant but is determined to become a Social Worker for our agency. She currently enrolled in the Indigenous Human Services Diploma Program through NVIT, once she completes the program she will continue going to school to obtain her Bachelors of Social Work.


Lisa Olson-Weget
Social Work Team Assistant

My name is Lisa Olson-Weget and I am part of the Carrier and Gitxsan first nations, I was adopted into the house of Weget and my Gitxsan name is Sa’wim gan. I was born and raised in Hazelton and now live in the community of Sik-e-dakh. My work over the years has always included working with people, families and elders of our community, I look forward to being able to continue to serve our Gitxsan communities.  I am very honored to be a part of the Gitxsan Child & Family Services Society as part of the program assistant.

Louise Johnson
Finance Officer

My name is Louise Johnson; I am from the community of Anspayaxw (Kispiox).  I am happy to be back and working for one of our Gitxsan organizations again as the Finance Officer.  I have worked hard at achieving my educational endeavours in Finance as well as on the job training, so therefore I want to apply my skills and knowledge in working for our own people.  I have ventured out to work for outside organizations but continue to come back to my Gitxsan roots, as I know this is where I should be.  I come from the Gitxsan house of Haiwas, I hold the name Ede’unjum in our hereditary system.  I have 3 daughters, 2 grand-daughters and 1 grandson of whom I love dearly.  I am a family oriented person as I grew up in a huge family, I have 11 siblings plus a lot of extended family that my mother raised and cared for during her journey on this earth.  I thank my mother for the positive attributes that she instilled in me as that is what I practise daily.  I look at life in a positive way and I’m thankful for all the blessings.

Louise Wilson
Cultural Enrichment Worker

Louise Wilson, is a Family Enhancement Worker with Gitxsan Child and Family Services.  Among her many accomplishments, the ones that stand out the most are her three grandsons; they are a brunette, a blonde and a ginger.  She is a Luus woman of the Wolf Clan from the House of Luus. Louise works in Kispiox and lives with her family there.

Mark Smoke
Maintenance Worker

Melanie Smoke
Cultural Enrichment Worker

Melanie Stevens
Generalist Social Worker

Michelle Morgan
Youth Empowerment Navigator - Gitwangak






Montana Aksidan
Administrative Assistant

My name is Montana Aksidan; I am from the community of Anspayaxw (Kispiox).  I come from the Gitxsan house of Haiwas, I am the Lax Seel Clan. I started working for Gitxsan Child& Family Services Society ( GCFSS)  as an “on-call” receptionist, I was then just recently hired full time as a receptionist and, after my first full week, I have worked my way up to becoming the Administrative Assistant. I have two kids, a son and a daughter. My son Timothy is 4 years old, and my daughter Amara is 1 ½  . My kids are my world, I am so happy to be working again and to do my best to provide for my children.

“ Its not a job, if you love what you do”

Morgan Pottinger
Maintenance Worker

Natasha Blackstock
Generalist Social Worker

Natasha comes from the village of Anspayakws and the House of Luus, and carries the name Ama'mas in the feast hall. Currently working in the position of Family Enhancement Worker, Natasha started with the team in the summer of 2016. 

Having worked for a number of years in the social services field, Natasha recently completed her Diploma of Social Work at Northwest Community College. Her next educational pursuit will be achieving a Bachelor degree. 

In her personal time, Natasha enjoys reading, hiking, and watching her children participate in different sports.

Nathan Tom
Generalist Social Worker

Rena Daniels

Roberta Mowatt
Finance Clerk






Robin Mowatt
Generalist Social Worker






Rosalee Morgan
Family Group Conference Coordinator

I belong to the Lax Gibuux of Gitwangak and take great pride in the Gitxsan structure that has been my strength and provided me a solid foundation for my family during some of the most difficult times in my life.

After earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from UNBC, I accepted the Family Group Conference Coordinator position and one of my primary job functions is to connect children and families to their Wilps, Wilnaatahl and Niyeh. The strength in the Gitxsan nation is knowing who they are and where they belong, this is what I incorporate in my Family Group Conferences for the children so they can strengthen their connection to their Gitxsan family.

“Be blessed and be blessing”

Serita Pottinger
Family Preservation Worker

Serita is from the House of Ma’uus from the Lax Se’el clan. Her Gitxsan name is Lax Sengenax. A mother to three children, Serita is aware of what being a parent involves; all the hard work, endless hours and support systems to help with raising a child. She has dedicated her life to working with children and is excited to work with our Gitxsan youth.

As the Family Preservation Worker at GCFSS since 2014, Serita provides a support role and augments the delegated functions of GCFSS Social Workers.

Sheridan Martin
Generalist Social Worker

Sheridan completed her Masters of Social Work Degree at Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario.   She is from Wilps Dawamuux, Gisgaast Clan; born in Hazelton and raised by her parents, Mae & Bill Martin in New Westminster.   

After completing her degree, she obtained employment at the Vancouver Aboriginal Child & Family Services Society VACFSS as a Family Preservation and Reunification Counselor and later hired as a Clinical Supervisor for Family Preservation Counselor social worker teams.  Prior to her degree, Sheridan worked as a Parent-Child Assistance Program mentor/advocate and a Youth Support Worker at the Gitanmaax Group Home.  Sheridan has worked in the helping field for the past 28 years which she has found most rewarding. 

Sheridan says her greatest gifts are her three grown children and two granddaughters who are her moon, stars and sunshine. 

Sheridan is grateful for the opportunity to work within her Nation at Gitxsan Child and Family Services and looks forward to continuing to serve Gitxsan children and families.

Sherry Lilley
Social Work Team Assistant

Sherry Lilley is from the Frog clan and the House of Nikateen and her parents are Howard and Corene Sexsmith. She is the mother of two beautiful sons, blessed with three grandchildren, and been married to her husband Kurtis since 2007. Sherry began working at GCFSS in June of 2002. She began her work with GCFSS as an office assistant, later she became an Administrative Assistant before she began her present role as Social Worker Team Assistant.

Sherry enjoys working with and for her own people. She also enjoys working with the many personalities that make up the large GCFSS staff. Two of the things Sherry enjoys most are the training opportunities for GCFSS staff and the teamwork. She also enjoys getting together with her co-workers to plan and coordinate events such as Family Fun Night.

Sherry appreciates the fact that Gitxsan communities are tight-knit and the people show each other respect in times of need.

Susan Upfold
Social Work Team Leader

Tiffeny Denny
Family Wellness Worker




Tyson Stevens

Val Simms-Muldoe
Executive Assistant




Veronica Green
Prevention Manager







Vivian Russell
File Clerk






Wendy Tom
Social Work Team Assistant

My name is Wendy Tom, I was hired at Gitxsan Child & Family Service as a Program Assistant / Bus Driver.  I am Wet’suwet’en and reside in Witset.  I’m a house member of Kweese in the Tsayu clan.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing some of the youth in the communities, when I drove them to Vancouver last summer of 2019.  We toured Universities and did the Scared Straight tour.  I look forward to continue driving for the youth and families in my new capacity within the organization.


William Derrick
Financial Consultant

William Matthews
Cultural Enrichment Worker






 Yvonne Shaw
 Social Work Team Leader