Gitxsan Child and Family Services


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Gitxsan Child and Family Services Society is a collection of Gitxsan citizens that performs the governance function of the society. Each Director is nominated and elected by the community which they represent and hold office for three year terms. 

Carrie Harris

Carrie represents the village of Gitwangak after first being elected to the Board in October 2016. Upon her election, her fellow Directors chose her to be the Society's Secretary-Treasurer. Her term will end at the 2019 GCFSS annual general meeting where she will be eligible to run for the position again.

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Darlene Clayton

Darlene has represented the village of Kispiox since being elected to the GCFSS Board in October 2014. In this time, Darlene has served as the Board's President and will be eligible to run for the Director position again when her term ends in October 2017.

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Katie Ludwig

Katie was elected to the Board of GCFSS by the village of Gitsegukla in October 2016. She currently sits as the Society's Vice-President and will hold her Director position until October 2019.

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Perrine Campbell

After previously sitting on the GCFSS Board, Perrine returned to representing Gitanyow until her term ends in October 2017. Perrine will be eligible to once again run for the position at the 2017 GCFSS annual general meeting.

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Perry Sampson

The village of Sik-e-dakh elected Perry to represent it on the GCFSS Board of Directors in October 2016 and will hold his position until October 2019. 

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