Gitxsan Child and Family Services


Social Work

The delegated Gitxsan Child and Family Services Society social workers provide counselling, respite, guardianship and other services to children in need and their families. Our social work services include:

Foster Home Recruiting

We believe the best environment for Gitxsan children is within a supportive Gitxsan home that allows them constant access to their own community and culture. GCFSS recruits Gitxsan foster families for temporary and ongoing placements. If you are interested in becoming a foster care provider, download the application form (PDF).

Foster Home Placement

When a family is unable to cope – even temporarily – with societal and personal pressures – sometimes the best environment for the children is in a foster care home. We can help find a suitable home for short or long term situations.

Children in Care

Guardianship services are provided for Gitxsan children who are already in foster care under a court-ruled custody order. These services include advocacy on behalf of the child, referrals for specific treatments the child may need, assisting with appropriate foster home placement, and ongoing visits with the child. Download brochure (PDF).

… And Their Families

When children are taken into care, we also help their families with similar services, including advocacy, referrals, planning, counseling and problem-solving. Download brochure (PDF).

Family Group Conferencing

When a child is not in foster care, but a risk to his/her well-being is identified by either the family or an outsider, we can work with the family to come up with a plan of care that is both culturally appropriate and best for the child. Family Group Conferencing includes all parties involved – the child, the immediate family, the Wilp and House Chief. Download brochure (PDF).

Counselling and In-home Support

Our social workers offer counselling for individuals and families to help you through a difficult time or crisis, or simply to provide an objective and empathetic ear. Respite care and in-home support are services we also make available for families in need, and can help preserve the family unit. To ask about these services, contact the GCFSS office.


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Voluntary Support

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Special Needs

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Youth Agreements

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Agreements with Young Adults

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Respite Support

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Kinship Care

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Foster Care

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